Dear Customers and Partners,


We are pleased to announce that OptisWorks 2014 SP2 is now available!


This new version includes new measurement capabilities enhancing users’ productivity.


Color analysis and luminaire performance check have never been so easy to use.


Review your project components in one click with the possibility to display all sources and sensors in SolidWorks 3D view.



We really hope you will enjoy this new version of OptisWorks.


If you have any questions, please contact your local Optis subsidiary.


Etienne LESAGE

OptisWorks Product Manager



Usability enhancements



User can review and locate in the 3D environment of SolidWorks all the sources and sensors defined in his project .



Usability enhancements



Preview of intensity diagram in the 3D environment of SolidWorks has been generalized to any intensity types.


User can easily orientate the emission direction with this additional visual information.

Usability enhancements



The visualization of interactive simulation results is more comfortable thanks to the thickness of rays and impacts:


  >>  Ray tracing can be smooth or emphasized according to the user choi


  >>  Impacts visibility is improved using a higher number of pixels











Enhanced analysis with measurements



Spectral maps give access to new types of magnitude to perform color measurements according to the colorimetric system.



For instance average, minimum, maximum color values over an area or along a line can directly be measured.



User can also easily observe color variations using the section panel.



Color and spectrum data as well as Color Rendering Index panels can be accessed using the line shapes.






Enhanced analysis with measurements



Some requirements specify the width of iso levels to describe the target distribution.


User has the possibility to measure those widths with the new range measure available for User line shape.


The range represents the width between the first point of the line and the point at which the threshold value is found, starting from the second point.


This point coordinates can also be displayed using Range_X and Range_Y measures.



Enhanced analysis with measurements



The new Point shape for measurement permits to easily get values along a section and compare them with another profile.



Enhanced analysis with measurements



Global rules extend the analysis capabilities by defining constants or variables linked to measurements by formulas.


Global rule results can be:


  >>  Numerical and used for instance to compute the difference between two flux values.


  >>  Boolean to compare numerical expressions.


They can be part of the equation permitting to validate a Rule target.




User has the choice to generate simulation reports  on demand.


It avoids spending time purging the project history  and generates simulation reports when it is necessary.









Mechanical variables directly inherit from the changes in SolidWorks interface.



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